About Us

I am Shirley C.Weiler with the focused purpose of helping people connect with their inner peace and happiness.

Maybe it is one-of-a-kind shopping experience or it is just the thrill of a treasure hunt. But one thing is for sure that once you get the experience of my down comforter shopping, you will never look at the traditional retail the same way again.star_wars_clv_aotw
From everyday life guidelines to seasonal bedding accessories and comforters, Fendibag.org offers amazing values that others just cannot match. As the nation’s largest comforter’s retailer, I have the strong will power of providing the best and newly discover services to my customers and negotiate the best deals in the business.
The result? Invincible bargains, with something new to explore every time and also the stores, that are genuinely fun to shop. It is a combination able enough to break the old shopping habits – turning progressively consumers into Fendibag.org shoppers.

With over a century in business, a satisfied client is still my most important goal. I am proud of my services and values, and also, you are welcome to browse the life and health related articles, facts and tips in this section and learn more about my company.

One Liner

My purpose of this site is to create not only a big box, but also a better box. My stores are ample, welcoming and clean. Just the essentials you require, from brands you faith – at a fair price. It really is not about the stuff… It is about the life you live with it.