Car Buying: What Are You Looking For?

When buying a car is a lot. What type of car do you choose? If you opt for a new or used car? What about the car costs, fuel, and reliability? Purchasing a car is a significant expense. This file contains information for you to assist during and after the sale of the car.

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Highlights from this article:

  • What type of car are you?
  • Fuel and consumption
  • Car lease, share or buy
  • What is the cost of a car?
  • How safe is your car?
  • What about the warranty?
  • Reviews
  • A good company
  • Do not spend your entire budget on the purchase price of the car

1. What type of car are you?

Small cars

Small cars are ideal for short trips in your hometown.

And large family cars

For longer distances, a big diesel car a better choice.

Seniors Cars

In these vehicles enter and exit more quickly because of the high entry level.

Clean and efficient cars

In recent years there have been many developments in the field of fuel-efficient vehicles. More and more hybrids on the market and also petrol cars are becoming more efficient.


  • Cars are available in different versions. The hatchback is the most common, but it certainly pays well here to watch. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of each implementation
  • Cars are divided into different classes. For one, a compact car suitable. The other needs a middle class. Check out the advantages and disadvantages of cars from different classes

2. Fuel and consumption

What fuel or propulsion is best for you depends on the mileage you drive annually. For those who only runs within its domicile, small petrol cars seem the only option. For longer distances, a big diesel car a better choice.

More and more people are opting for electric vehicles. Charging this can be cumbersome. Fortunately, the number of charging points for electric vehicles significantly. Therefore, it may be interesting to look at plug-in hybrid vehicles or fully electric vehicles.

3. Car lease, share or buy

Car rental or sharing? To private contract are many advantages and disadvantages. So you do not have to worry about maintenance and road tax. You simply have to refuel. But private contract attractive than buying a car? The Consumers’ Association has chosen. Another option besides the purchase of a car or rent a car’s parts. This is going to share a professional part dealer or through an intermediary site for the car.

Buying a new car is a significant investment. You can, therefore, opt for a used car.

4. What is the cost of a car?

The cost of buying a car can be divided into fixed and variable costs.

Fixed costs:

  • Insurance
  • depreciation
  • Interest cost
  • Motor vehicle tax

Variable cost:

  • Fuel
  • Car Maintenance

The cost of fuel, you are quickly aware. But the loss can only make when you trade or sell the car. Fuel economize you to buy an extremely economical car.5

5. How safe is your car?

Even in the relatively safe Dutch daily traffic fall almost two dead and many injured. It is therefore not surprising that security is an important issue when buying a new car.

6. What about the warranty?

Every car manufacturer offers a different warranty. So Kia offers seven-year warranty while Volvo offers only two years. And does it make sense to buy an extended warranty?

7. Reviews

If a car just introduced but has not been tested, we do a report as soon as possible. Then see and hear the vehicle moving in a movie.

8. A good company

In negotiating the price, of course, also plays a significant role fun factor. If you’re the seller of the car allowed him or her trust that he or she no rotate will sell, then you are willing to pay more than you planned.

Conversely, it will also be so. If you are genuinely interested in what the seller is offering for sale, and you are interested in what the seller tells you about the car and shows interest in the seller as a person, he will give you the car. And probably prepared its price is just a bit further lower than he intended.

In this way, a sale is concluded that you both pleasure to experience. And that’s what getting something in hand for a good price means.

9. Do not spend your entire budget on the purchase price of the car

A cheap used car buying is to buy a car in which the risk is reasonably available that you will be lost in addition to the purchase price, still some money on things that do not appear to be all right in the car.

For this reason, it is smart, not the whole budget that you have available for a car, stabbing in purchasing. But you should be limited to spending up to three-quarters of the budget on the purchase price of the car.

So you have at least to be something else up its sleeve for when the car something unforeseen repairs that should be done immediately.