Fashion Access to Vow New Customers with the Latest Features

One of the leading fashion fairs for small leather goods, footwear, bags, lifestyle
products, travelware, and accessories, Fashion Access is coming up with new features,
after it saw a good turnout. The fair was conducted last month for 3 days at the Hong
Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre.
This fair resulted in a 9.13 percent increase in clients when compared to the result with
last year Sept. About 54 countries gathered at the event along with Hong Kong (HK)
based leading buying offices and stores, resulting in a total of 35 percent hike in Hong
Kong visitor attendance over last year’s number to 1328.
China buyers came second, up by 11.45 percent to a total of 798 purchasers, followed
by Japanese buyers of 243. Other top countries in the list include Italy, Australia,
Russia, South Korea, Philippines, Taiwan, and United States of America.
Buyers came in large units, mirroring the fact that more things were displayed at the
fashion and leather goods sections, especially the leather goods that had outpaced the
overall luxury suppliers market. The leather goods sections were much more flexible
than the jewelry and watches category. The growth in the leather goods market slowed
from 20.6% to 17.6% since last two years. According to a global supplier of consumer
and media intelligence, Mintel, the current growths are little below than last year, but
hopes it’ll not bring any major slowdown.
During a seminar on the topic of purchasing fashion accessories for the European
market, Sandrine Williamson, who works for Galeries Lafayette Group said despite
slowing down of European economy, sales of the accessories and bags would continue
to grow at a minimum rate of 5 to 10 percent in upcoming years. Perrine Ardouin APLF
event director noted that significance of leather goods and accessories to the word
fashion business is absolute. He said there will always a high demand for leather shoes
and bags in the luxury market. APLF is a joint venture between SIC Group and UBM
Asia that organizes fair exhibitions in India, China, and Hong Kong. It launched the HK
Leather Fair 25 years ago and has expanded into the related markets of lifestyle and
fashion products.
People who visited the fair said they were pleased to see some good European
products in the fair in terms of both quality and design. A lot of latest fashion trends
were displayed that couldn’t be found in other normal fairs. The admirable collection of
more than 300 exhibitors offered a wide selection of items to buyers to choose from.

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