Golf Distance Measuring Devices - Golf Rangefinder Vs. Golf GPS

Golf Distance Measuring Devices – Golf Rangefinder Vs. Golf GPS

Ask yourself more often how far it is from their current position to the flag or to the next obstacle? With a golf distance meter like a golf rangefinder or a golf GPS device, the answer is quite simple – and with most of the devices it is also compliant.

Golf Rangefinders are portable handheld devices, the size of which can provide distances to almost any object or feature points to a golfer. Golf GPS stands for Global Positioning System; golf carts equipped with GPS not only give golfers a distance to the flag, but also provide a photo of the hole you are playing.

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The objective of golf rangefinders and GPS is to provide golfers with distances for not only the green, but also for many field functions as golf shafts, bunkers and water. Providing the distance to specific risks on the golf course allows golfers to manage their game better as far as lay-up shots and the risk / return decisions. This improved management and strategy of your golf game has the shaving capacity a couple of shots off your score per round.


Golf rangefinders can cost about two hundred dollars; GPS in the cart are not no cost for golfers, although they tend to correlate with higher rates of green to cover the increased costs of the golf course. Aside from cost, the main difference between the two is the image of the hole layout that Golf GPS provides. This feature is useful when you are playing a course for the first time, or when playing a course with a lot of elevation changes, dogleg or blind shots.


Golf GPS installed in trucks improves the pace of play for the courses compared to the rangefinders. GPS automatically calculates and shows the footage to the pin or the danger, but Distancemeter require the golfer to aim, aim and shoot the laptop finder to pin or danger to find the distance. This allows classes with GPS to accommodate more players every day, resulting in more revenue.


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Shopping in best GPS golf watches also allows for better course management, golf course employees can send private messages as well as advertising for all trucks, weather update, select carts, display sports scores Bottom-line, and so that golfers can order food and drink . Since not all courses provide GPS, golf rangefinders ensure that golfers enjoy the benefits of better management of the game no matter where they are playing.


Distance meters may be used on any course, but the GPS is more suitable for certain courses on the other. The GPS receiver on the carts must have an unobstructed path to the sky, making the courses with lots of trees less suitable for GPS.

A golf GPS device determines the distance by satellite – usually only insignificantly inaccurate than with an optical laser rangefinder. In particular, the golf watches offer considerably more advanced functions, while the optical golf distance meter can measure almost exactly any point on the course.