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Golf GPS Watch Buying Guide

Nowadays, golf has become more and more popular. Together with the development of this leisure sport, many new technologies are introduced to help golfers improve their performance. GPS golf watch is one of the most used high-tech devices among golfers. It’s quite confusing to choose a good golf GPS device because there are numerous products with different designs and features in the market. However, there are 8 main basic factors which you need to take into consideration.

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Among all kinds of sport, golfers have the most fashionable clothing and equipment. Design is not the most important or influential factor on their performance, but it shouldn’t be neglected either. Of course, the watch needs to aesthetically match with your contemporary golf clothing. Therefore, many golfers prioritize design when buying GPS golf watch.

Battery Life

Most of golfrounds last for several hours, so you need a watch that can work for long time without recharging. Recently, GPS golf watches are added with many functions. As a result, the batter life is reduced significantly. It’s really annoying if you have to recharge your watch many times within a round, sometimes, it’s even impossible. Therefore, it’s advised to choose the GPS golf watch with at least 10 hour- battery life, so you can take optimal advantages of all of its functions during a round.

Data Support

One of the most important functions of a GPS golf watch is the ability to store as much information as possible. This information is useful to golfers on the course. It would be extremely inconvenient to constantly transfer data from short storage watch to computer. Therefore, the bigger data storage a GPS watch has, the better for golfers.


There are a wide range of features for GPS golf watches. There are features with basic functions such as yard measurement, tracking, clock for beginner and more advanced ones for professional golfers to achieve better performance. Each GPS golf watch consists of different sets of features to meet various demands of different golfers. A watch lacking of required features will cause trouble but you also can’t make the best use of a watch with excessive features. Therefore, before buying a new GPS golf watch, it’s necessary to carefully think of your demands and select the watch which has enough features to satisfy all of your requirements.

Ease of Use

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tomtom golfer 2

GPS golf watches, especially the ones with many advanced features can confuse you when using. Sometimes, it’s complicated to access and utilize many integrated features in a high-tech watch. Hence, unless you are a professional golfer who needs many advanced functions to maximize performance, it’s recommended to buy a simple-to-use GPS golf watch, so you can enjoy the game easier.

Cost and Subscription Fee

GPS golf watch has a wide range of price, from affordable ones with basic functions for starter to expensive high-tech ones with extraordinary functions. It’s a waste of money to pay for highly advanced functions that you would never use. The right process is considering your budget, how much you are willing to pay, what you requirements are, referring to others’ opinion and then picking the watch that fits your budget and meet your demands.

After paying to get a GPS golf watch, you might still have to pay for annual or monthly subscription fee for some special features. An affordable watch could become expensive if you take its subscription fee into consideration. So you should ask and get information regarding this subscription fees before making purchasing decision.

Preloaded Courses

There are some GPS watches that don’t have golf course relating information available out of the box. In this case, you have to manually download information from the internet to the watch. This process is quite time-consuming. So, it’s better to choose the watch that has golf course information ready for use right after purchasing.

The above 8 factors are basic points that you need to take into consideration in order to buy suitable GPS golf watch. In addition, referring to others’ reviews, recommendations,and opinions would be also useful and time saving.