Golf Tips For Beginners – Golf Bags

Golf bags

The golf bag should not be missing in your golf equipment. As already mentioned, best beginner golf clubs are equipped in many cases directly with a stand or trolley bag. However, if you have chosen an iron set, a corresponding golf bag is virtually indispensable. Golf bags are available in several different versions. However, choosing the right golf bag is far easier than choosing the right bag. You only need to be aware of some basic points: Do I want to carry my bag or rather move or pull it on a trolley? Does the weight or size of the bag play a decisive role for me? Do I want every golf club to have its own compartment, and how important are extras for me, like a beverage cooler or a watertight safe? Each golf bag has a hood included, which protects your racquets on the one hand during transport and on the other hand keeps rain on the round.

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Stand bag

For a sporty person, who does not shy away from physical activity even on the golf course, a stand bag or handbag is a nice way to move freely around the golf course. You can go in search of your ball through the Rough without first You can even walk around the green with your handbag on your back, as long as you do not park it there and spare you not only on the green unneeded paths.

There is a trolley ban in most golf courses in winter, so that the lawn cannot be damaged by the weight of the golf cart When the golf bag is removed from the bag, preventing the golf bag from falling over, as well as ensuring that your bag is equipped with a comfortable carrying system that is optimally adjusted to you. Normally, stand bags are equipped with a backpack carrying system, which also distributes the weight well over the back during an 18-hole round. Be aware, however, that a golf bag with bats, rounds, balls and accessories can easily weigh up to 15 kilos and can last 4-5 hours for an untrained person. Especially golf courses on which some altitude differences have to be overcome, this can be a problem for the one or other golfer. The energy that you spend on carrying your baton sets can cost you even some beats of their score according to studies. That’s why many better players may be on their leisure, but they use a trolley in the tournament.

Our recommendation: Try the quietly different stand bags in your golf shop and pay particular attention to a comfortable wearing, good workmanship as well as sufficient pockets for your golf accessories. The weight is more important in extreme cases, as your equipment is the most important part of the total weight.

Trolley bag

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A trolley bag is also sold under the name Cart bag and is a golf bag which, unlike a stand bag, has neither stand feet nor a backpack carrying system. Trolley bags are larger in volume than a carrycot and they are designed to be mounted and transported on a trolley / cart. A cart bag has more space to better classify your golf clubs as well as more stowage options for golf accessories, catering, golf balls, or additional golf gear. Depending on the design of the trolley bag, you can store each of your racquets in a separate compartment, which is partially separated from the other compartments, so that your bats do not get caught when they are unloaded. There are even some golfer pockets, where it is possible to hook the individual bats on the bag and thus to perform a silent round even with bumpy ground. Manufacturers who incorporate this technical finesse in the golf bags are the companies Bennington, Bag Boy or Jordan Golf.

The advantage of a trolley bag is that you do not have to carry the weight of the golf bag and its contents over the place, but can easily pull or push over the place. The basis for this is of course a golf trolley with two or three wheels. One drawback is that you always have to transport this golf trolley. Of course, you can also put a carry-on bag on the trolley. In contrast to the trolley bag, you do not have all the pockets of your bag

Pencil bag

A Pencil bag is the smaller than a stand bag and is especially suitable for winter or on holiday, if you do not need your complete golf equipment on the pitch. The division of the racquets is also smaller with 1-3 compartments than with a normal stand bag. In addition, some manufacturers do not have a stand on their models, which saves weight and space but does not necessarily play in the cards. A Pencil bag is available from more unknown Golf items manufacturers already from 30 Euro. Higher-quality models are available from Nike (Pro Combo Day Bag) and Mizuno (Weekender) for about twice the price. Recommendation: A Pencil bag does not necessarily have to be part of the basic equipment of a golf beginner, but can be a cheap and space-saving decision for winter, the round between or holidays.

Travel cover

If you plan to go on a vacation with a plane and do not want to miss a game of golf, it is definitely advisable to have a travel cover. Travel cover is available from about 20 euros and go up to 200 euros. Crucial in the case of a good golf travel cover (travel bag) is the padding to protect the golf equipment and on the other hand good transportability. This includes a stable form during the trip and a small pack size for the stowage at the resort. Crucial for the comfortable transport of your golf bag are rolls on the travel cover and a comfortable carrying handle. Although there is also travel cover without roles, which are however quite impractical, considering that you already carry a lot of luggage with a holiday already. In order to protect your valuable cargo, some golfers also use plastic travel back cases. Although these are very useful for the purpose, they are quite large and can pose problems in accommodation and transport. Some of the travel bags, as travel books are also called, already have a lock for safety at the zipper. If this is not yet available, you can retrofit this with a replacement from the hardware store.

Our recommendation: Almost all airlines now also demand a special luggage surcharge for golf luggage, which is charged differently and differently depending on the provider. Before booking, you should inform yourself about the prices and conditions in order to include them in your budget. Traveling in pairs and the weight limit is relatively high, it can make sense to buy a travel cover in which two golf bags fit to avoid additional fees.