In “walking mode”, there is always one foot remains in contact with the ground. This foot has a double support with two force peaks: the attack heel and forward propulsion. THEREFORE, it is Important to choose specific shoes, which is adapted to walking mode. To do this, we offer several tips to help you on your choice. This article includes:


  •         How to choose walking shoes?
  •         Choose walking shoes based on practice
  •         Walking shoes for children
  •         How to know your size?

How to choose walking shoes?

What are the specific characteristics that should be included in walking shoes?

– Beveled heel

– Flex grooves

– Straight shaft development

– Lightness

– Better foot hygiene – Better breathability


The walking shoes place the body in a too tilted forward position, which is not suitable for walking and can be uncomfortable. Do not forget to check the durability of the shoes because it can cause you a modification of the position that eventually causes you problems in your feet.

Choose walking shoes based on practice


There are four different types of walking shoes. Each type of gear has its own characteristics and needs.

Daily walking shoes

The daily motion is the motion that takes place every day without even thinking about it. This is the way to the subway stop; shifts at work … The daily walking shoes are the shoes that accompany with you throughout the day. The daily running shoes should be comfortable and breathable.

The long day march

To have the smooth ride in the long day march, you need a lightweight shoe that you can take with your clothes regularly. Opt for a sportswear and casual look clothing. The shoes must allow walking comfortably for all output. Breathable shoes, thanks to an aerated breathable mesh or skin, are ideal.

Power walking

The power walking shoes are practiced at a steady pace. For this kind of walk, choose shoes with techniques that will allow you to practice effectively. The shoes must accompany with your movements and help you walk faster. Decathlon experts recommend practice with a lightweight shoe that fit the shape of the foot, to bring dynamism and freedom of movement.

Nordic walking

The Nordic walking is a motion that is usually performed off-road. So decathlon experts recommend shoes which are waterproof, lightweight, flexible, and robust enough to protect you from obstacles: such as stones or sticks…

Walking shoes for kids


The first shoes

A baby will take the first steps between 9 and 18 months. But he or she does not have to walk around immediately with a shoe. We suggest you to buy specific shoes for the march from the moment your child can move only slippers.

When renovating the baby shoes?

Between 9 and 24 months, a baby’s foot grows 3 cm. Then the foot grows an average of 1 cm per year. THEREFORE, it is essential to renew the shoes regularly, about 3 times a year.

What kind of shoes?

All types of shoes may be appropriate. Newfield has developed specific walking shoes for children, CITYBOO adapted to the first steps of kids, also it has a range which is suitable for children.

How to know your size?

Easily you can measure your size at home by following these steps found on the internet

First, it is Important to measure two feet, to know the size. Always buy the size that corresponds to the larger foot.