Quality of walking shoes

Material and Weight

Usually these two parameters are quite related to the quality of walking shoes.

There are leather boots which are heavy and not very breathable, while others are much lighter and made of breathable synthetic materials.

If you are a man and you want to opt for a pair of best walking shoes for men and women (or for women), you should consider factor that is not only in terms of our tastes, but primarily on the requirements of the activity that usually we will make.


Flexibility and Toughness

These are again two related parameters and in this case, they are usually are highly conditioned by the type of sole of the shoes.

The idea is to achieve a good balance between flexibility and hardness, without going to extremes, which are not at all suited for walking (believe me, I’ve seen people who are inappropriate with this equipment) . It’s not about getting comfortable at any price; it is about maximum comfort without sacrificing too much hardness and strength, especially for the best walking shoes for women.

A very hard and durable boot usually has less than a softer flex. The flexibility will provide comfort when walking boots are supple, and in principle, are the most suitable for walking, as long as we will not do it for certainly steep terrain, and even necessary scale, which will be better for a tougher footwear and even allow you to adapt any additional element: such as a crampon, without our feet will suffer for it (crampons are certainly a useful accessory in winter snow or ice routes).

Breathability and impermeability

These are two key factors in the suitability of footwear for walking, which usually affect the price on the model you choose. That is you paid for the qualities that you should always have for your footwear.

If we make our routes exclusively in summer or dry weather, we can dispense with the impermeability and opt for a lower price to a shoe with good breathability.

If you need shoes with great breathability, spending some more money on a breathable shoe will always bring great benefits to our feet. It must be ensured that the footwear we use easily evacuate moisture and sweat from the inside. Otherwise, we will suffer in our cooling feet, chafing, blisters and even fungi.

Goretex, a membrane that guarantees waterproofness and breathability

In general, if the boot is not in very good quality, the chance that it is very breathable and waterproof is usually little and vice versa.

If we use our boots in winter, we should consider investing some more money to buy a waterproof and breathable footwear which is achieved by using membrane techniques (Goretex type, Novadry or similar), to ensure both qualities simultaneously. Walking shoes which incorporate with them are often expensive products.

If our shoes are not waterproof and accidentally get wet, dry it when you get home. Put it on the sheets of newspaper to absorb moisture while let it dry at room temperature (we never dry it with a hair dryer or a heater, or place it closer to the fire because we can deform and deteriorate)


Which is almost important as the choice of footwear is the choice of suitable socks. Socks should not wrinkle, are breathable with reinforcements in the toe and heel and have heat retaining capacity ACCORDING to the weather of year when we are going to use are if we want to walk conveniently and protect our feet.