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Tips For Using A Golf Swing Analyzer

What is a golf swing analyzer?

Who of you ever dreamed of being able to analyze your golf swing professionally? This is a small electronic gadget allows you to analyze your golf swing at any angle, it’s called Golf swing analyzer. Many features are evaluated, such as hip rotation, club head speed, hand trajectory, swing plane … This golf swing analyzer is perfect for bringing your golf game to the next level of a golf club after!

Zepp Golf 2 3D Swing Analyzer

A golf swing analyzer allows you to visualize your golf swing and analyzes your data to actually progress in this discipline. It reveals what you do well, but also the elements on which you still need to progress.

To see and correct your swing defects, nothing is better than a golf swing analyzer to film and then analyze the movements: position, swing plane, backswing, downswing, etc. The defects appear precisely: swing plane too vertical, bad club backswing, etc.

Analysis in idle, front, profile, back … are also possible with dynamic comparison with a pro swing in parallel or superimposed. If one takes a golf swing analyzer, even without moreover, for an angle of attack (so the club path) from 0 ° to the driver with a 10 ° head, the launch angle of the head is always closer to that of the club head as the club path.

Amazing and accurate! You will see the result guaranteed!

Whether you are at home, at the driving range, or on the course, golf training must always be done for a specific purpose.

Here are the steps for using a golf swing analyser:

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You are filmed face, back and profile during your swing.

You have a small program to analyze golf swing on iPhone or other webphone.

The analysis with plots and overlays allows to see the problems to be corrected like the movement of the head, the positions during the swing.

You will then establish:

– A detailed assessment of your swing

– Views showing defects during the various phases of the swing

– Exercises to correct them

– Typical swings to be memorized and visualized

– Method for correctly positioning the camera

– Positioning the camera to shoot you face or back:

– Put the camera lens pointed at a waist, aimed at your belt buckle, on a line perpendicular to your line of fire, at a distance of about 4 to 5m (about 5 steps) and check that Sees the entire body, the arms, the club entirely … when you do your swing.

– Putting the camera in ‘sport’ mode or high speed at 1000 images to make a good detailed picture of the movement.

– Choose a good lighting, not against daylight, entirely in the sun or in the shade and a good quality of image for the adjustable values of your camera.

– From the back, the position of the camera is the same of course. Follow the same procedure.

– Positioning the camera to shoot you in profile:

– Place the camera at 4-5 m (about 5 steps) from your right or left side, at the waist and for the vertical axis center the player well.

– Be careful not to have backlight or mixtures shade and sun.