best youth baseball bat

Top 3 Baseball Bat Brands

It’s easy to get confused when buying a new youth baseball bat for your children because there are too many factors to consider. There is a tip to simplify this complicated process that is looking for the bat from a well-known brand in the market. In fact, established and popular bat makers always possess the best technologies, valuable experience as well as market understandings to produce the best products. Therefore, normally baseball bats from these well-known brands have good quality and can satisfy many players. Basically, there are 3 top rated youth baseball bat brands in the market.

best youth baseball bats


A list of top best bat makers without DeMarini is definitely incomplete. This US based baseball bat maker has surprised the whole industry with their revolutionary double-wall technology and has continued to succeed until now. One of the most noticeable strong points of DeMarini bats is its large sweet spot and ability to give powerful hit. DeMarini has many youth baseball bats which have received numerous compliments.

  • Demarini Voodoo Overlord: This model is chosen as the best youth baseball bats of 2016 thanks to its great performance. This is the perfect choice for people who want to improve hitting power.
  • Demarini CF7: The most significant strength of this bat is the ability to diminish vibration level to 0. It’s praised by many people for the comfort and light weight.
  • Demarini Cf6: In contrast with DeMarini Voodoo, this bat is specially designed for players who have decent hitting power. It would help them to have faster and smoother swing. CF6 is also doing an amazing job in reducing vibration.


There is no doubt that Easton is the most well-known brand in the market. With long history since 1969, its products never fail to satisfy customers. Easton was the pioneer to make aluminum bats and until now, they always hold the biggest market share of alloy baseball bats. Furthermore, Easton has a wide range of products with different specifications to fit various types of players. The best thing is its affordable price; that is the reason why Easton is top choice for many players.

  • Easton S500: It is rated as the best baseball bat for the money thanks to its surprisingly good quality despite low price. It’s also famous for great durability.
  • Easton Mako: This is the most popular model from Easton. It has massive sweet spot and could help players to enhance their strength significantly. However, its price is on premium side.
  • Easton XL3: This bat has impressed a lot of people with its sleek but youthful design. XL3 is designed to enlarge sweet spot and increase swing speed. However, there is complaint that it couldn’t reduce vibration as well as other products of Easton.

Louisville Slugger

Louisville Slugger is one of the companies with the longest history in bat making field. Thanks to valuable experience accumulated though more than 100 years, Louisville Slugger has many hit products which have amazed baseball players by it extraordinary performance. Although this brand is more popular for professional players, they also have a few good youth baseball bats.

  • Louisville Slugger Prime 916 Youth Bat: No one can deny that Prime 916 is the most attractive youth baseball bat in the market. Besides design, the selling points of this product are light weight and the ability to create good trampoline effect.
  • Louisville Slugger Omaha 516: The continuous appearances of this model Little League World Series could somehow prove its amazing performance. It’s a rounded bat which could satisfy many young players in almost all aspects.
  • Louisville Slugger Catalyst: This is the cheapest baseball bat line from Louisville Slugger. Many people are skeptical about its quality when seeing the price. However, this youth baseball bat has shown decent performance in many aspects. Of course, there are some drawbacks but considering the price, it has good value. Louisville Slugger Catalyst is good choice for practice bat.

The list above is useful to anyone who is looking for youth baseball bat. It could help you to shorten the time used for doing too many researches about baseball bats before buying.