Top infield softball gloves 2017

Like other positions in a softball games, infieldershave some special requirements for their gloves. So it’s quite challenging to find a perfect infield softball glove. A list of top infield softball gloves of 2017 picked by experts would offer you some good recommendations.

Mizuno MVP 11.75″ Adult Middle Infield Glove

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The most outstanding feature of the Mizuno GMVP1175F2 is its material. The leather that Mizuno used is special one called Bio Throwback Leatherwith amazingly high quality; it not only brings the softest and most comfortable feel to wearer but also ensures long durability. Besides, the Bio Throwback Leather also doesn’t require break in period, so the Mizuno MPV series gloves are ready to use out of wrapper.

The comfort level of these Mizuno gloves is also maximized by the Soft Palm Liner. This special liner adds adequate amount of padding to the gloves to minimize sting from softball’s impact. Infielders need to flex their gloves a lot, so Mizuno has used VFlex Notch to eliminate all difficulties when wearers close or open the gloves. Furthermore, infielders could hold many balls in their gloves because the Double Hinge Heel has provided reasonable space for thumb to move easily. Therefore, it’s safe to say that the Mizuno MVP glove has all the best comfort features out of all infield softball gloves in the market.

Rawlings 10.5-inch Fastpitch Series Infield Glove

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As a well-known softball gears maker, Rawlings also has a highly rated infield gloves: the Rawlings 10.5 inch. Rawlings FP105 is an all-leather gloves which could last for several seasons with consistent quality. Besides, the leather of FP105 also doesn’t need break-in period. The sting from the ball that occurs when it hits infielder’s palm is always a headache problem to glove makers; but this problem is solved effectively in the Rawlings FP105 thanks to Zero Shock Palm Pads. This feature has eliminated nearly 100% sting and brought the most comfort and safest feel to wearers. Besides comfort features, Rawlings has also applied many technologies to ensure that infielders could catch the ball in the easiest way. The Velcro wrist strap at the Neo Flex Conventional Back keeps the glove firmly during a game but still helps wearer to put on and off the gloves easily. Lastly, the 3D Basket Web has done a great job in keeping the ball firmly inside grip of the glove after infielder catches it.

Wilson A2000 IF-SS Superskin Infield Fastpitch Softball Glove

Talking about the most popular softball gloves in the market, it should be Wilson A2000. Wilson A2000 is rounded glove model which has satisfied a lot of infielders by it several great features. The Pro Stock Leather which is used to make these gloves still needs break-in period but it’s not too long. And the Pro Stock Leather has created a great shell for the gloves and kept it in good quality for long time. Specially, the Custom Fit System could make the glove fit your hand perfectly regardless of your hand size. Furthermore, the D-Fusion pad could absorb nearly all of the shock and protect infielder’s palm and wrist. Lastly, the Dual Post Web makes Wilson A2000 perfect choice for infielder because it helps player to catch the ball easily and keep the ball firmly inside the glove after that.

Besides above mentioned infield softball gloves, there are many models that are worth to try, such as Worth 12.5 Shut-Out Series (SO125X), Wilson ONYX FP1175 or Easton Synergy SYEFP 1200.