What Is The Best Type Of Golf Rangefinder?

What Is The Best Type Of Golf Rangefinder?

A Golf rangefinder has become a familiar golf equipment for every golfer in the world. That does not mean that we have understood everything about a golf rangefinder and make use of it the best. There is a question that many of golf players ask, especially new golf player: “which type of golf rangefinder can help you best?”.

The answer is that you are the one to answer that question. Each type of golf rangefinder has their own features, their own advantages as well as disadvantages. And each golfer also has their won way of playing golf, has their own strong points as weak points as well.

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So if you want to find our which type of golf rangefinder is the best for you, you should look at your self. But first, you should start by getting to know the advantages and disavantages of some popular types of golf rangefinder that are available in the market nowadays.

There are three types of golf rangefinder that you can easily find in the market: Golf GPS Handheld, golf GPS Watch and finally, golf Laser Rangefinder.

The first type of golf rangefinder is golf GPS Watch. I myself think that golf GPS watch is a great invention that has changed the way we play golf.

Who could imagine a small watch on our wrist can help us improve our golf games. The biggest advantages of a golf GPS watch over other types of golf rangefinder is that we use a golf rangefinder without knowing that we are using it. Your hand is totally free because you do not have to hold it in your hand.

How comfortable, isn’t it? A golf GPS watch has been innovated a lot since the day it appeared in our world. An important feature that makes it loved by a lot of golf players is that it has a very long battery life. Even the cheapest golf GPS Watch will not make you worry that it can suddenly run out of battery while you are playing your game.

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However, I recommend you buy a golf GPS Watch from a reputable manufacturer such as Bushnell or  Callaway. When there are problems that happen to your golf GPS Watch, you can also easily have it repaired. An other wonderful feature of a golf GPS watch is its fashionable design. You can also use it as a nomal watch for you. It is like you get two in one.

Nothing is perfect. So what makes golf GPS watches imperfect. I think that there are two things. The first is it is a little bit more expensive than other types of golf rangefinder such as golf GPS handhelds of golf laser rangefinders. With all the fantastic functions that I mentioned above, high price does not seem to be a thing to surprise us much. And just like nomal watches, the screen of a golf GPS watch can also stain easily if you do not protect it well.

In this article, I have just shared with you the advantages as well as disavantages of a golf GPS watch. We will continue with the other types in the next articles.